Aviso Broking Proudly Supports Movember

As Movember comes to a close, it leaves behind more than just well-groomed moustaches and a successful fundraising tally. It leaves us with a deeper understanding of the challenges men face and the crucial support they need for their health and wellbeing.

In confronting the harsh reality of men’s health, we grapple with unsettling statistics: on average, men are dying 4.5 years earlier than women, often due to preventable reasons. Globally, 10.8 million men grapple with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Testicular cancer ranks as the most common cancer among young men worldwide. Additionally, a man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 69% of all suicides – a truly alarming statistic.

Our Queensland General Manager, Todd Ferguson shared his take on men’s mental health. Transparent and empathetic, he shared a personal journey from scepticism about mental health issues to a profound understanding, shaped by recent experiences.

“I was one of those people who believed mental health issues were a myth,” he confesses, a sentiment likely resonating with many in the 40 – 55 age group. However, the last 18 months brought a stark realisation of the devastating impact of anxiety and depression on close relationships.

“I’ve had some severe mental health struggles myself,” he acknowledges, emphasising the ubiquity of these challenges. Yet, amidst the struggles, he highlights the plethora of support available – from R U OK? Day to organisations like LIVIN, dedicated to eradicating the stigma around mental health. You can check out Todd’s full post here – https://bit.ly/3tboZIc.

In the heart of this initiative, 23 members of the Aviso Broking Team took part in the endeavour of growing a ‘mo’, united by a common goal to change the face of men’s health and wellness. Their collective efforts not only generated awareness but also resulted in a remarkable fundraising achievement. Together, they raised over $5,000, totaling an impressive $5,445.

Aviso Broking Movember Participants

A special shoutout goes to Agi Nambissan who won our in-house “Best Grown Mo’ vote. He knows how to make facial hair a real work of art 🏆

An additional shoutout to every individual from within our team for really stepping up and supporting this important cause. From hosting in-house fundraising events to offering unwavering support, each contribution played a crucial role in making this initiative a success.

Let’s carry this spirit forward, fostering ongoing conversations about men’s health and working together for a healthier, more compassionate future!

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