At Aviso Broking, we understand the importance of social commitment. Recently, we joined forces with Hope in a Suitcase Australia to provide support for this very worthy initiative. See the story of Aviso Broking and Hope in a Suitcase below:

About Hope In A Suitcase

Hope in a Suitcase Australia is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers who are incredibly passionate about showing every child in the foster care system that they are loved and valued by their community. 

Hope in a Suitcase – Our mission is to provide children in foster care, something to call their own & send them a message that they are cared for by the community.

The aim is to do this by giving foster care children a suitcase/backpack of their very own to ensure they have a safe and secure place in which to pack their belongings and take with them wherever their journey may lead giving them a circle of security. 


How Aviso Broking Supported Hope in a Suitcase

We purchased 30 backpacks and filled them with essential items on the lists which were provided by HIAS Australia. This included items such as toiletries, sanitary items, underwear, a set of pyjamas and a change of clothing. They also requested something to cuddle for the younger children, a book to read, a journal or colouring-in books and pencils to encourage creativity and provide a distraction away from their turmoil.  

The age groups we covered were 0-1 year and 12+ boys and girls.  These backpacks together with additional donated toys and items were delivered directly to a volunteer from HIAS who was overwhelmed by the generosity of all involved.

Aviso Broking is proud to support this initiative and will continue their involvement with regular team challenges to gather donations for this very worthy cause.  This is truly a beautiful project to support.  We encourage you to reach out to Hope in a Suitcase Australia by checking out their website here:


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