Deliveries Missing? Don’t be checking your mailbox twice.

Monday was tipped to be Australia’s biggest day for parcel deliveries in history, with close to three million packages scheduled to be delivered across the country – and it’s all thanks to the convenience of online shopping.

So, we would like to know – have you received everything you ordered? Are you checking your mail box twice?

Unfortunately, on Monday morning our milk delivery was no where to be seen. No one could enjoy there morning coffee, it was Monday mayhem.

Turns out our milk delivery was stolen at 2.40am by who we like to call the “milk bandit”. We couldn’t believe it, but it was right there on our security cameras. Stolen!

Although annoying we didn’t suffer a huge loss (try telling that to our coffee lovers). We would like to use this as a reminder to please be vigilant with your deliveries. It seems these brazen thieves don’t discriminate, even against milk.

If it’s sitting there then it could be gone. Even at the very early hours of the morning. Here are a few tips on how to ensure safe deliveries of your parcels.

  • Don’t give authority to leave
  • Track all deliveries where possible
  • Arrange someone to be at home to accept the delivery or
  • Have it left in a parcel safety box

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