Legacy Lunch


Aviso Broking continues to recognise contributions made both past and present, from the original founders to past and current shareholders. We value all those committed to the cause and will continue to build on the foundations laid by so many

Recently, the Executive Team of Aviso Broking hosted the Annual Legacy Luncheon at Donna Chang.

The Executive Team showcased what is currently being done within the business and honouring what has been built by the legacy business shareholders.

In welcoming the guests, The Aviso Broking Team acknowledged and thanked the following for their contributions:



Greg Mullins, Craig Robson and Richard Heilig (CEO of Envest, Board Chairman and Board Director). The Envest team provided us with the depth, talent and support to bring these businesses together. They back entrepreneurs and they have back us. We thank them for their ongoing support and the contributions they have made to make this business the success it is today.



  • Phil Eadie Founder of Allsafe (40 year-old business)
  • Steve Nichols joined Phil in 1991 (who couldn’t be with us at the lunch as he is sailing around across the Atlantic)
  • Glen Butler merged his business (Craven) in 2013
  • Alan Schafer and Bob Sidaway AR Insurance Brokers in 2017
  • In 2018 Glen Retired and Nathan Jameson was brought in as principal and Nathan retired in 2021
  • Mel Ryan and the QSure team joined us in 2021


Insurance Aid

  • Dennis Meadows along with Greg Woods of G Woods and Associates joined forces to start Insurance Aid in 1984 and also started Gresham’s, a Lloyds underwriting agency
  • Andrew Hinz started with Gresham Underwriting but soon made the move to start his own broking business in 2001
  • Andrew Hinz and Damien Woods bought into Insurance Aid in 2001, and Damien then retired in 2017
  • After a successful career in the corporate world (with GGU and Allianz), Shane Risby started in 2018
  • In 2020 IAGB and Eagle Insurance Brokers merged to form Aviso EIA
  • David Bailey of course was principal of Eagle Insurance and is now General Manager of Aviso Group



  • In 2001 Phil Sholl brought into Drake Dwyer and Associates
  • In 2003 Craig Wardle brought into Drake Dwyers and Associates
  • Connor Dwyer left the business and Sirius Risk Services was born in 2005
  • 2011 saw Sirius and Wymark joining forces with Phil Jarvis as Principal
  • Phil Jarvis retired in 2015 and sadly passed in 2018. We salute Phil as a valued contributor and past shareholder of the Group.



  • Luke Eagle left Milne Alexander in 2017 to start Eagle Eye Insurance Solutions a Resilium A R
  • In 2018 Luke bought a shareholding in a business called Wagecover – a PA portfolio with partners Envest. Wagecover had its own AFSL
  • In 2019 Luke moved the Resilium book to the Wagecover AFSL introduced Mark Finn as Principal and Partner – AVISO Allpoints was born
  • In 2020 Simon Cook joined the business as partner and principal and introduced Endeavour Insurance Brokers and Dave Allan which will shortly be completed.


Sutton Insurance Brokers

  • Originally Sapphire City Insurance Services
  • Started in 1993 after NZI insurance discovered Bill and Beth Sutton were married
  • Beth left the company and started the business with Matt Sutton as director and Multi Agent
  • Bill Sutton joined the business in 1994 and later signed up all the NZI customers on LOA
  • The business obtained its AFSL and rebranded Sutton Insurance Brokers in 2006 and then in 2012, Bill and Beth retired
  • In 2014 Matt and his good wife Shan brought the business and have run the business ever since



  • In 1996 John began as an AR with Insurance Advisonet
  • 1998 went and started AIS with own AFSL
  • Over the years made 3 acquisitions – Warren Sheean Insurance Agencies,
  • Cooroy & District Insurance Advisors, Kingaroy & District Insurance Brokers
  • Engaged some AR’s and had half dozen throughout the journey which pushed premium up to just under 40M for a while.
  • Picked up the 3 biggest Suncorp Authorised Reps up
  • Even had an office in Brisbane over the years and grew to over 40 staff & ARs
  • Fell ill and scaled back to a more boutique operation with the intention to always provide commercial & domestic insurance


Macquarie Insurance Brokers

  • Established in 1967
  • Warwick Anderson sold to Keith Robertson and Jeanette Robertson in 1996
  • 1999 purchased Maxwell Mansell
  • Keith and Jeanette’s boys Martin and Benji joined the business in 2006 and 2009 respectively
  • Everyone in attendance enjoyed a fun filled luncheon and many memories were shared.  Aviso Broking looks forward to hosting this event in 2023.


At Aviso Broking, we save you time and give you peace of mind by helping you find the right insurance solution to suit your needs. Our team of specialists is here to do the hard yards and help you choose the right insurance solution to suit you, your business and your budget. We know that no two businesses are alike and we can help you to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s all about getting to know you, understanding the risks you can afford to carry, and protecting you against those you can’t.

Feel free to drop into one of our offices, email insurance@avisobroking.com.au or give us a call 1300 908 404.

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