New Years Resolutions to Make you Feel Inspired

Every year most of us make the same kind of new years resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, etc. The problem with these kinds of resolutions is that they’re vague, uninspired and to be honest, a bit overdone. Instead, we’ve decided to have a look at those things which inspire us to become a truly better version of ourselves and turn those into new years resolutions. Below we’ve listed some of our favourites:

Read a New Book Every Month
It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy day to day lives with jobs, friends, social media, networking, emails, online shopping and all of the other typical aspects of life in 2020. However, there’s nothing like getting lost in a good story to help you relax, escape and expand your mind. In fact, a 2016 study showed that those who consistently read had a “20% reduction in risk of mortality”. What’s more, reading a book actually positively impacts your brain in a long term way, improving your memory and increasing your levels of brain connectivity for several days or weeks after you finish reading it.

Buy a New Item of Food Every Time you go Grocery Shopping
This is an easy and effective way to ensure that you try new things. Whether it’s simply picking up a piece of fruit you’ve never tried before or branching out to an adventurous new cut of meat, this new years resolution is guaranteed to expand your palette. Try picking your new item up, even if you aren’t yet sure exactly what it is, then when you get home google a recipe which uses your newfound ingredient. This way you’re experimenting with entirely new dishes.

Read your Bank Statement
Whether you receive your bank or credit card statement in the post or via e-mail, most of us tend to cast our bank statements aside each month without a second glance. Whether you’re trying to blissfully ignore your finances or simply don’t care enough to pay attention, 2020 is the time to forge a new habit. Most of us tend to assume that we have a pretty good idea of where our money is going but in fact, our assumptions are usually inaccurate. Just reading through your statement each month will help you to naturally become more mindful of your spending habits. If you really want to go the extra mile then try colour coding your various transactions with a highlighter as you read through your statement so that you have a visual indication of your financial patterns.

Daily Phone-Free Time
Make an hour of each day a phone-free zone. An hour may not sound like a lot, but most people struggle to be away from their phone for this long. Chances are, in the beginning, you’ll find yourself automatically reaching into your empty pocket or glancing around looking for your phone because the vast majority of us almost use our phone as our ‘default setting’ when we aren’t otherwise busy. Just an hour without your phone each day will help to become much more engaged with our surroundings, thoughts and loved ones. To help resist temptation, put your phone on silent or turn it off and leave it in another room or even in your car if you think you may be very tempted to pick it up.

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