Professional Indemnity Insurance

Providing professional advice or services comes with its own risks, so it’s important to protect your business against claims of malpractice or professional misconduct.

How can we help?

This type of insurance cover is ideal for businesses that provide a service where inadequate or inaccurate advice could result in financial loss or personal damages.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers your business and employees from claims made for financial loss or personal damages arising from an act, error, omission, or breach of professional duty made while giving professional advice. It can also help cover the legal costs of a court action.

We can arrange cover in the following areas:

  • Negligence arising from a breach of professional duty, due to an act, error or omission
  • Fraud and dishonesty of staff
  • Libel, slander or defamation against a third party
  • Loss of client documentation
  • Legal liability for damages and claimants’ costs/expenses arising from the act, error or omission/civil liability of the “Company’s” employees
  • Wrongful or inadequate advice to client(s)
  • Acting without proper instructions from the client
  • Failure to act in accordance with client’s instructions or at all
  • Failure to advise client
  • Breaches of Trade Practices Act/fair trading legislation
  • Breaches of statute – eg Corporations Law, Uniform Consumer Credit Code

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