The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance Part 1 – Allsafe Insurance

Managing Risk Equals Managing Costs The insurance industry generally considers cabinet maker workshops to be a relatively high fire risk by industry standards. When insurers assess the costs of property and business interruption insurance for cabinet makers they are particularly interested in assessing the “housekeeping” procedures including dust management/extraction, fire protection, managements attitudes and pro-activeness […]

Management Liability: Common Claim Examples you need to know about

Private companies encounter unique risks, especially when it comes to those responsible to management. Not all coverage is the same, so it’s important to speak with an expert to discuss your particular needs. The common claims listed below have been included for your understanding of the risks, but there’s plenty more, so be sure to […]

The insurance covers Cabinet Makers must have

Insurance can be a significant cost for most cabinet makers. It is therefore important that you consider prioritising your insurance spend on a “must-have basis”. There are three primary loss events that are considered to be catastrophic in nature and would therefore require “must have” insurance covers. These include: property, business interruption and legal liability […]

5 things Cabinet Makers should know about insurance

Cabinet makers come in all shapes and sizes. Some business may design, manufacture and install, whilst others choose to provide mono-line services such as; manufacture or design or install.  With an average expense/turnover ratio of 77-92% (ATO Benchmark), operators are often looking for cost savings and efficiencies. Insurance is a significant cost but a necessary […]

5 Common Business Insurance Myths: Busted!

When it comes to insurance there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution so don’t let anyone fool you. Read on to find out more about the common myths we hear from customers.

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