Natural Disaster – Storm and Bushfire Checklists

Natural disasters continue to impact Australians each year and often occur without warning. Every disaster has lasting effects on people, their property and businesses. Meaning more than ever, you need to be prepared for both storm and bushfire season.  Aviso Broking has two natural disaster checklists that you can download for FREE! These checklists alleviate […]

To Repair or Not Repair – That is the Question

Undertaking construction work can be stressful at the best of times, and almost inevitably not everything will go to plan. In Queensland, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) provides a Statutory Insurance Scheme design to cover defective building work. However, in a decision that highlights the competing interests of an insurer to be able […]

Market Value-v-Agreed Value Car Insurance

  Deciding between agreed value or market value car insurance typically boiled down to two things: the car you drive and how much you wanted to spend on the premium? However, since 2020, this question has become much more complex to answer. ‘Market Value’ Is a recognised insurance industry term for what your car would […]

Lessons We Learned From The Rain Bomb

  Earlier this year, we suffered the worst natural disaster in history, after heavy and sustained rainfall caused a series of floods along the east coast, killing 22 people, destroying thousands of homes and costing over $5.2bn.  Brisbane recorded 676.8mm of rainfall over a 3 day period breaking the previous record of 600.4mm in 1974. […]

Going away or leaving your property unattended? Read this first

Did you know that insurance companies consider a property to be at a higher risk when it’s unoccupied for extended periods of time? And if you haven’t notified them of the vacancy, you could have your home and contents or landlord insurance claim rejected or claim payments reduced? Most landlord policies and personal home insurance will allow for short periods of […]

Great news! No more being pressured to buy add-on insurance on the spot

” Changes to Consumer Warranty Insurance Protect the Consumer Have you ever been pressured into purchasing an add-on insurance product such as consumer credit insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance, even though you weren’t sure you really needed it? A Financial Services Royal Commission found multiple issues in this area, ranging from poor-value products (also known […]

Shopping for an Insurance Provider

Shopping for an insurance provider can be a time-consuming and complicated task.  How do you determine which provider will give you the most value for your money? What’s the difference between a broker and an online provider? And what’s an industry specific insurer? In this article, we take a look at how to shop for […]

What is industry-specific insurance, and why does it matter?

Choosing a ‘one size fits all’ insurance policy for your business is a risky decision. What if your business has unique and complex risk management needs that other ‘less complex’ companies don’t have? To avoid perilous gaps in your insurance policy, it’s a good idea to investigate what risks a company in your industry is […]

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