Aviso EIA has changed.

If you’re a customer of our brokers at Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers, from Monday 23rd May your services are being provided under a new entity: Aviso Broking. 

This change brings with it exciting new opportunities to both our people and to you, our customers.

Why did we change?

Scale provides more opportunities to innovate and develop and in an evolving marketplace, it is important for us to stay ahead of the game by investing in our capability and development of market leading practices.

To help unlock this potential we joined forces with Aviso Group Partners: Allsafe Insurance Brokers, All Points Insurance & Risk Advisory, Sutton Insurance Brokers & Wymark Insurance Brokers.

Visit the new Aviso Broking website:

What has changed?

You will notice our existing logo will be replaced by a new Aviso Broking logo on all new documentation from May 23rd, 2022. After that date, any new financial services will be provided under a different Australian Financial Services License No. 239041 through Aviso Broking and in accordance with the Aviso Broking – Financial Services Guide (FSG). You have now landed on our new website as Aviso Broking, we welcome you to save the new URL: https://avisobroking.com.au

View the Aviso Broking – Financial Services Guide (FSG)

What has not changed?

There will be no changes to your existing insurance policies.

For customers of Aviso EIA's Authorised Representatives (ARs):

Your services will still be provided under Aviso EIA’s financial services licence, but the company now has a new name: Aviso Select.

Aviso Select is a network of brokers who take pride in providing exceptional customer service and specialist general insurance advice.

Visit the new Aviso Select website:


Please find below some frequently asked questions which may answer some of your queries:

No. Everything remains the same for you and your current insurances.

Your existing individual broker will remain the same as before, if there are any changes of appointed brokers in the future you will be notified. Unless you are a customer of one of our ARs, from the 23rd of May, your broker will be providing your services through a different financial services provider – Aviso Broking Pty Ltd ACN 010 468 818 – under AFSL No 239041.

No. All existing policies arranged by Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers and using the old logo will still be valid and effective.

If you wish to contact Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers about any services provided to you prior to 23rd May 2022 (including complaints), please note that they are now called Aviso Select, and their contact details and complaints process is available on their website:


Aviso Select Pty Ltd Contact Details:

AFSL Number: 239049
ABN: 37 097 567 710

Unit 9/35 Paringa Road, Murarrie QLD 4172

Phone: (07) 3630 1823
Email: info@avisoselect.com.au

At this stage we will not be making any changes to our office locations.

The Head Office of Aviso Broking is based in Brisbane, QLD.

For direct customers of Aviso EIA: please contact our Aviso Broking office or your broker anytime and we will assist.

You can also find more information about Aviso Broking on the website.
Visit the Aviso Broking website at: https://avisobroking.com.au

For customers of Aviso EIA’s ARs: please contact your AR or Aviso Select.

You can also find more information about Aviso Select on the website.

Visit the Aviso Select website at: https://avisoselect.com.au

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