The Allsafe Story

Allsafe Insurance Brokers was started in 1981 by founder Phil Eadie. Other notable events of 1981 included, Charles and Diana Royal Wedding, the first London Marathon was run, Ronald Regan became president of the USA and Australia’s prime minister was Malcolm Fraser. Watch the video below to find out more about the building of Allsafe […]

How to Make a Landlord’s Insurance Claim

Do you own a rental property, or live in a rented apartment? Landlord insurance covers the structural and contents of a property that is rented.  So, the question is how to claim on on this insurance? Damage to Property If you want to make an insurance claim for damage to the property, you will be required to […]

Travel Insurance Update

Travel insurance is about to become a hot topic with borders opening up and international travel restarting. Brokers will have a vital role to play in helping customers navigate the new exclusions and changes to travel insurance policies as a result of COVID-19 – we’ll also be there at claim time when our customers need […]

Why you should choose travel insurance that pays in real time

According to a 2018 survey* of 1,000 Australian travellers, more than 82% of people who claimed on their insurance had issues with the process, 44% admitted current methods ‘involve too much paperwork’, 32% said ‘claims were only partially reimbursed’, or ‘they took too long to settle’ (31%). And almost half of Aussie travellers (45%) have […]