How to Make a Landlord’s Insurance Claim

Do you own a rental property, or live in a rented apartment? Landlord insurance covers the structural and contents of a property that is rented.  So, the question is how to claim on on this insurance?

Damage to Property

If you want to make an insurance claim for damage to the property, you will be required to show proof of ownership and evidence of the value of the things you are claiming for. This info allows your insurance company to have a better idea about the specifics of your claim, and process appropriate payment. Some of the examples of proofs of ownership include sale receipts, pictures, warranties, valuations, taxation proof, and repair cost receipts. You can also invite your insurance company representative to survey your damaged property for inspection.

Loss of Rent Claims

If you are claiming for loss of rent claims from your insurer, you might have to show the following items as proof.

  • Lease Contract Copy
  • Details of Occupant Rental History Ledger
  • Details of Property Inspection Reports
  • Copy of any Notices Issued
  • Copy of Application for Occupancy
  • Bond Deduction Invoices

Short-Stay Landlord Insurance

Are you a property owner of a short-stay rental property like a holiday rental, and somebody professionally manages your property? If yes, then you should opt for a short-stay landlord policy that provides compensation for situations that are exclusive for holiday assets. These might encompass death or critical illness of a visitor, and problem in subsequent rentals or failure to provide empty possessions after a short-stay tenancy gets complete.

How to Make a Claim?

Every reputable insurance company tries to make the claims procedure flawless. However, you will have to undergo some important steps during the claims process.

What are the Steps?

Step 1  – Notify your broker or insurer of the event. You’ll need the basics of when, where and how the event happened.

Step 2 –  You will need to gather some evidence and background information on ownership of the property, rental agreements,  how and when the event occurred to speed up the claims process.

Step 3 – Work with your broker or insurer to get quotes or an assessment for rectifying the damage.

Step 4 – Work with your broker and insurer to work out how the claim will be finalised. Options include a Lum Sum payment or appointment of agreed providers.


Below is a checklist of documents that will/may be required to assess the claim depending on the type of loss you wish to claim.



  • Completed Claim Form
  • Tenancy Tribunal Documents (if any)
  • Lease Agreement for Defaulting Tenant
  • Rent Ledger for Defaulting Tenant
  • New Tenancy Agreement
  • Evidence of Bond Refund Receipt
  • Proof of Advertising
  • Invoices to support bond has been exhausted
  • Copy of any correspondence to the tenant advising rent is late/due/notice to vacate



  • Date of Loss/Date Damage Found
  • Photos of damaged items
  • Occupancy Permit (if brand new property)
  • Lease Agreement for last tenant occupying property
  • Proof of Ownership for stolen items (Receipts, photos, manuals etc)
  • Ingoing & most recent routine inspection report
  •  Quotes for repairs/replacement
  • Police Report



    • Date of Loss/Date Damage Found
    • Photos of damaged items
    • Last two routine inspection reports
    •  Report confirming cause of damage
    • Report confirming item needs to be replaced if not repairable
    • 2 Repair/Replacement Quotes


The information in this article should be regarded as general advice. Your personal objectives, needs and financial circumstances were not taken into account when preparing this website content. We recommend that you consider the suitability of this general advice, in respect of your objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. You should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide from Allsafe Insurance Brokers before making any decision to purchase a financial product.

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