Thieves Getting Away Without Having to Break-In!

Police across Australia have issued warnings over an increase in the theft of car exhaust systems that contain precious metals worth more than gold. Modern motor vehicles have exhaust systems with precious metals and thieves are targeting parked cars, leaving motorists stranded and with big insurance bills. Criminals are targeting vehicles parked in driveways, commuter […]

2022 Aviso Broking Awards Announcement

  At Aviso Broking we maintain a recognition culture acknowledging the work & commitment of all of our employees. We believe by celebrating their achievements, relationships will be strengthened creating a long-term culture of appreciation. Recently we held the Aviso Broking 2022 Awards End of Year Event. The entire company was in attendance virtually. It […]

The Perfect Storm

We all know insurers make huge profits…right? Well maybe they did in the past…but not anymore. The principle of insurance is pretty simple… the “small” premiums of many, cover the cost of the “large” claims of the few. How the insurance industry achieves that, is by an in-depth understanding of risks, so that insurers can […]

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