8 essential steps to keep your business cyber safe

Cyber attack statisticsIn 2020, there was a marked increase in cybercrime due to the increase in remote working, with a global estimate for cybercrime costs expected to exceed $1trillion this year*.

Industry estimates suggest that cybersecurity incidents cost Australian businesses alone up to $29 billion each year* and businesses are facing increasingly sophisticated and capable cybercriminals who are even altering email invoices mid send to redirect funds.

But a recent survey of small to medium businesses conducted by the ACSC has found that business owners still have an average or below-average understanding of cybersecurity and 9 out of 10 are underestimating the impact a cyber-attack will have on their businesses. 

The survey found that although 60 per cent of survey respondents had already experienced cybercrime in some form, they spent less than $500 on protective measures and the main barriers to improving cyber safety included;

  • Lack of IT savvy staff
  • Perceived complexity of the risk
  • General lack of planning
  • Underestimation of the risks

In response to the survey results, ACSC has developed a range of tools for small business and launched a nation-wide advertising campaign this month to improve cybercrime literacy.

 8 Essential Cyber Security Measures;

  • Application whitelisting – change your settings to only allow authorised programs to operate on your computers 
  • Patching applications – make sure you install web browser and application updates within 48 hours of release
  • Application hardening – Configure web browsers and other applications to block unauthorised programs and pop-ups.
  • Restricting admin access – to operating systems and applications based on user duties. Regularly revalidate the need for privileges.
  • Disabling macros – to block macros from the internet, and only allow vetted macros either in ‘trusted locations’ with limited write access or digitally signed with a trusted certificate.
  • Turning on Multi-factor Authentication – especially for banking and accounting applications 
  • Daily backups – Of system data and settings.
  • Patching Operating Systems – Updating Microsoft or Mac operating systems often and ensuring you’re not using old, unsupported versions (Microsoft 10 or below)

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Key publications released by ACSC to help small business include;

A Small Business Cyber Security Guide

Step-by-Step Guides

Quick Wins


For a full list of mitigation measures – visit


* https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/37109/cost-of-cybercrime-to-exceed-1trn-in-2020 


*ABC Radio Interview ACSC. 2 December 2020 https://www.cyber.gov.au/acsc/view-all-content/news/cyber-security-campaign-abc-newsradio-interview

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