GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

GPS tracking devices can be a great fleet management tool to help clients manage risk and ultimately reduce their insurance costs. GPS tracking allows you to monitor and manage driver behaviours through an intuitive and modern software program. It can also assist with providing a safer work environment for employees, whilst minimising the risk of theft and improving the likelihood of asset recovery.

Some of the benefits of GPS tracking systems include:

✓ Fleet tracking and management; real-time interactive tracking system provides visual displays of current vehicle locations, speed, distance travelled and more.

✓ GPS asset tracking; Locate equipment quickly and easily:

  • Increases the chance of asset recovery if stolen.

✓ Driver safety management; track driving metrics, improve planning and promote safer driving while reducing overtime and unnecessary vehicle usage:

  • Increases driver safety through monitoring speed, harsh braking etc.

✓ Route planning; Control your schedule by setting route tasks, employee jobs, add checkpoints and map out routes to ensure efficiency.

  • Increase employee safety by setting checkpoints along a journey and alerts if these checkpoints aren’t met. Ideal for remote workers.

✓ Field scheduling and staff management
✓ Mobile device management (MDM)
✓ Fuel tax reporting system

Industries that would benefit from using the Connect Fleet GPS tracking:

  • Plant and machinery hire
  • Civil and general construction
  • Service industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Mining and utilities
  • Government and public sector

If you would like to know more about GPS tracking and how it can assist you and your business, contact our office and we will arrange an introduction to Connect Fleet who pride themselves on providing excellent products, service and support.

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