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This case reported by Insurancenews.com.au is yet another dispute matter where arguably a broker could have been the difference; we ask DISCLOSURE questions before seeking renewal quotes from the insurers so we as a broker could have nipped this issue in the butt before the accident even occurred. We collect all relevant driving history from the insured’s, share this with the insurance market and find the best fit for the insured. If their driving history is sketchy then that certainly limits our options but ultimately the point is to get the client insured with a company that is aware of their history so that it doesn’t become an issue when they go to lodge a claim.

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Owner of $118,000 Tesla with undisclosed demerits loses dispute

A Tesla Model S driver seeking $75,000 in repair costs has lost a claim dispute with QBE after he failed to disclose seven traffic offences which incurred demerit points and speeding fines in the three years prior to policy renewal.

The motorist had said QBE’s decision to pre-populate his policy renewal form with a ‘no’ response to its driving history question constituted an “active change by the insurer,” and this represented “at least some contributory negligence from the insurer”.

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