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Meet Stacey Ritchie, an integral part of Aviso Broking‘s success, serving as the Head of Claims. Stacey’s journey into the insurance realm began unexpectedly much like the way many of us stumble into our life’s passions. Originally eyeing a legal admin role after high school, Stacey found herself drawn into the insurance industry through a reception position at Insurance Aid. Over the past 13 years with Aviso Broking, Stacey has navigated various roles within the company, evolving from her early days to become the esteemed Head of Claims.

In her role, Stacey leads a team of 11, overseeing the management of claims, engaging with stakeholders, and ensuring the seamless operation of the department. Stacey’s commitment goes beyond leadership; she actively guides her team in efficient claims handling and fosters collaboration with various departments. Together, they work collectively towards a shared goal: delivering the best possible claims experience for clients.

With 13 years dedicated to Aviso Broking, we asked Stacey what sets the company apart. In her words, Stacey shares, “being with a company for such a substantial period, the ‘why’ becomes essential. Aviso Broking, for me, stands out in its unwavering commitment to being customer focused. We actively develop new initiatives to ensure our clients receive the best service possible, embracing innovation to enhance their overall experience.”

Beyond the desk, Stacey finds joy in spending time with her daughter and family. With a knack for solving jigsaw puzzles and a true passion for modifying cars and attending car meets, Stacey also possesses a surprising talent. She’s likely to outpace you at the self-checkout, having secured an impressive second-place finish at the Scan Olympics during her time at Coles.

And to wrap up with a touch of humour, we asked for her best joke.

“Have you checked your home insurance policy? Apparently, if your blanket is stolen in the middle of the night, you’re not covered.” 

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