Insuring the thriving cafe culture

The Australian coffee culture is alive and thriving, driving the reopening and creation of cafes across the city and into the suburbs.

According to café industry news, the work from home directives that made life hard for city cafes has led to a booming suburban trade and takeaway culture, overall boosting sales and productivity in the industry.

According to the Courier Mail, the average income at cafes, restaurants and bars in July 2020 increased 18.7 per cent from June 2020 and 8.3 per cent compared to July 2019.

Queenslanders were also spending up big compared to the rest of the country, with the average revenue at Sunshine State venues increasing by a huge 18.9 per cent compared with pre-COVID levels in February, almost double the national average increase (10.1 per cent).

But while business might be booming now, running a café doesn’t come without risk.

From injury to customers and staff, to protection of your assets or loss of revenue following a catastrophic event, insurance will play a crucial role in securing the success of your businesses in the long term.

To get a complete risk assessment for your business, contact our hospitality insurance specialist Sharon Simeon on 07 3329 4984

Sharon will come out for a full onsite assessment and run through our 3 step process so we can help you design an insurance program that works for you.



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