International Women’s Day – Empowering Women in Technology & Insurance


Starting our own International Women’s Day (IWD) tradition, this year Jeff Moule (CEO) had the pleasure to host our interview with Elissa Joines, Operations Manager and Larissa Dixon, System Manager. These two ladies are not only widely accepted in the insurance industry, but also in their own rights in technology. Having both Elissa and Larissa in the hot seat allowed us to cover topics such as barriers, empowerment and influence.


Both ladies talked about their professional role models, who imparted their wisdom and support to help foster their professional growth. Their male and female role models were powerful influences who left a significant imprint on their lives. These role models exhibited immense resilience by confronting every obstacle they encountered, and as a result, they earned the privilege of being called friends. As an all-rounder and working across all facets of the business, Larissa has challenged her ‘imposter syndrome’ and honed her skills by teaching others. As a technology lover, with a natural ability for maths and computers, Elissa excels in solving complex problems through data and analytics.


As women in two traditionally male-dominated fields, technology and insurance, their approach to navigating this terrain is to discover their passion, ignite their ambition, remain curious, and ask questions as their guide. They believe the combination of curiosity and hard work can drive anyone forward, irrespective of their chosen field. In this industry, obstacles will always exist, but with the support of peers and managers and a thirst for knowledge, the possibilities for growth are limitless.


Many women can identify with being overly agreeable and we discussed how the ladies empower themselves and the women around them. Larissa’s approach is to empower by teaching, allowing others to grow with shared knowledge – to be able to work through challenges that they may have previously given up on. Elissa’s words of wisdom serve as a reminder to others to approach life one day at a time and to occasionally disconnect from technology, and treat oneself with kindness.


The parting message from Larissa and Elissa emphasised the need to take a moment to reflect and see oneself from an outsider’s perspective. They see that it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate personal accomplishments, even if it may feel uncomfortable. In conclusion, they advocate for having trust in oneself, even though it may be challenging, and carving out a unique path. By surveying their surroundings, individuals can usually identify several others, regardless of gender, who are willing to provide support along this journey.


Jeff and Aviso Broking are proud to have Elissa and Larissa as successful women in management. We are committed to having more women in management, investigating and removing the gender pay gap.


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