Lessons We Learned From The Rain Bomb

  Earlier this year, we suffered the worst natural disaster in history, after heavy and sustained rainfall caused a series of floods along the east coast, killing 22 people, destroying thousands of homes and costing over $5.2bn.  Brisbane recorded 676.8mm of rainfall over a 3 day period breaking the previous record of 600.4mm in 1974. […]

Honesty is the best policy – or else it’ll cost you!

This case reported by Insurancenews.com.au is yet another dispute matter where arguably a broker could have been the difference; we ask DISCLOSURE questions before seeking renewal quotes from the insurers so we as a broker could have nipped this issue in the butt before the accident even occurred. We collect all relevant driving history from […]

Is this claimable?

One question every customer often asks, “is this claimable?” Insurance terms and conditions can be confusing, especially when it comes to claim time. It’s fairly common for clients to assume that because they have insurance, the insurance will pay for everything. However, there is one thing no insurance policy will cover and that is ”maintenance, […]

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