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Introducing Senior Account Manager, Luke Trevenar. Since September 2020, Luke has been an invaluable part of the Aviso Broking team, based out of our Port Macquarie office. With a focus on corporate and mid-market accounts, Luke’s expertise extends to ensuring our clients receive top-notch service and attention to detail.

Luke’s journey into the broking industry stemmed from a passion for providing solutions to challenges, a sentiment echoed in his approach to insurance broking. For Luke, it’s about offering guidance and education to clients, helping them navigate the complexities of protecting their assets and liabilities.

One standout moment in Luke’s career significantly impacted his professional growth—a pivotal instance where his product knowledge and confidence came into play. Assisting an insured party with a contentious claim, despite not being a client at the time, Luke challenged a settlement offer that wasn’t accurate, ultimately securing the correct payout. This experience reinforced the importance of trusting in one’s training and expertise, fueling Luke’s confidence to apply himself further in his role. Remarkably, after assisting, the client was so impressed that he asked Luke to take on his entire insurance program by Letter of Appointment (LOA), a responsibility Luke has now fulfilled for eight years.

When asked about Aviso Broking’s point of difference, Luke highlights the rapid growth and shared resources facilitated by the company’s backing from Envest/Ardonagh. With an entrepreneurial team driving growth and acquisitions, Aviso Broking stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to complementing existing structures.

Outside of the office, Luke’s zest for life extends to a quirky array of hobbies. A true lover of canines, Luke is deeply involved in various dog sports, from agility and obedience to sledding and scent detection. Notably, he has dedicated three years to competing with a dog owned by someone with mobility issues due to MS, earning multiple competitive titles at both State and National levels—a testament to his commitment to both the sport and his community.

Beyond his canine pursuits, Luke finds joy in running, cycling, and indulging in travel adventures. Luke has completed three marathons, with his first being the prestigious Chicago World Marathon Major. He finished in the top 10%, proving that it’s never too late to embark on new adventures and achieve amazing results.

And of course, no piece of content would be complete without a touch of humour. So, here’s Luke’s best (or worst) joke:

“A polar bear walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a

‘Gin……………………………………………and tonic please.’ The bartender asks why the big pause, and the bear replies, ‘I have always had them’ (paws).”

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