Why use an insurance broker?

The 5 most common insurance claims customer service complaints and how an Insurance Broker can help.

Frustrated by those automated voices used by big companies, the endless phone prompts and horrible hold music?

Dealing with the big four insurance companies certainly has its benefits for price and scale but managing the minefield of a claims process or even simple policy enquiry can leave you wanting to tear your hair out.

Here are the top five complaints we hear from customers who formerly insured directly:

    • Long convoluted process of entering numbers, account details and listening to expositions about the virtues of online self-service before you can speak to a real person;
    • No updates on wait time while listening to that horrible music;
    • No apologies for the wait and being asked to give your details again when you do manage to speak to a real person;
    • Having to ring around and get quotes from certified suppliers and poor communication between the insurer and the sub-contractors; and
    • No accountability or ownership – being passed from claims person to claims person with no continuity.

How we can help

Many people don’t understand why using an insurance broker can be an investment ….  until claim time. Insurance Brokers not only compare the market and find the best policy for every piece of business you have with them, during a claim they do so much more.

Dedicated claims teams within a brokerage work on your behalf and make sure that the insurers are fair and reasonable with their decisions, they will also keep you informed during the claims process, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone to the insurance company for a 2-minute phone conversation.

5 things you can expect from our brokerage claims team;

        1.   We answer the phone with a real person, not an automated receptionist
        2.   You’ll be put straight through to one of our claims team, and if they are not available, they will call you back
        3.   You won’t have to give us your details twice
        4.   We do the ringing around for you
        5.   You will know the name of your claims team manager and won’t be passed around like a football

Our dedicated claims team work behind the scenes and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Got a question about coverage in the policy wording? Or not sure if you can claim on an incident that happened last week? We will look into that for you and provide you with as much information to help answer your questions.

There is no need to sit on the phone, waiting in queue for an hour to be asked if you can hold longer while the claims consultant looks through their policy wording. IF we require additional information regarding your query, we will obtain your contact details and phone you back.

Sound good? Switch your direct insurance to a broker today. We value your hair and will save you both time and money.

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